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Posted by kris on March 28, 2011 in Game News with No Comments

Okay I admit it RoboSockets is a match 5 game that I thought might be a bit different.  I was right it is different and a bit challenging but once you play you seem to find yourself going back again and again.  This is a keeper one of those that I played once and could not stop going back to play again.  There is not a ton of skill required no fast hands needed and not alot of thought put into playing but for some reason I just can’t stop trying to keep those robots from piling up.  Take a try and see if you don’t agree with me.

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Space Rolling

Space Rolling is a classic match 3 puzzle game very similar to Zuma.   If you happen to be a big Zuma fan then you need to take a look at this game!  Except for taking in place in space this is just like zuma.  There are extras that I haven't seen in zuma recently.  You have the choice of blowin...

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Feed the mooks for fun. Feed the mooks is for all ages.  This game is about planning.  The object is to feed the mooks on your screen so they disappear and you advance to the next level, easy right?  Nope... As you progress through levels it gets harder there is some thinking involved you have...

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