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Posted by kris on December 30, 2010 in Game News with No Comments

Bubble struggle is another bubble pop game but this has a very unique twist. Unlike all the match 3 games out there bubble struggle does not require you to match anything! The object here is to pop the bubbles on their up bounce. Once popped they become  smaller, keep popping until they are gone. Sounds easy right?? Well just remember they are bouncing so coming down or bouncing up if they touch you you’re dead!! As you progress through the levels in bubble struggle there are more and more bubbles to pop. Controls are simple left and right arrows keys and space bar to shoot. I recommend giving bubble struggle a try you never know it might be your next addictive game!!

bubble struggle click here!

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Breakout Christmas

I figured since Christmas is on the way it would  be a good idea to ad in some news games with that in mind. So here is the first one. Breakout Christmas is based on the old breakout games but that is where it ends. There are moving blocks and blinking bricks. Each level gets more challenging. If y...

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bubble shooters

bubbles shooter is a match 3 game just like the others. The object is to match the colored bubble you are shooting with one above creating three or more matching. Once there are 3 matching bubbles they will disappear. Once you have clear the whole screen of bubbles in bubble shooters you win. This i...

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