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Posted by kris on December 30, 2010 in Game News with No Comments

bubbles shooter is a match 3 game just like the others. The object is to match the colored bubble you are shooting with one above creating three or more matching. Once there are 3 matching bubbles they will disappear. Once you have clear the whole screen of bubbles in bubble shooters you win. This is a mouse controlled game you aim by moving you mouse right and left and shoot by left clicking.  There are different levels of difficulty allowing people with more experience to have a challenging game and those with less to enjoy it as well. Don’t let the look of this game fool you even on novice it is not as simple as it would seem. Just when you think you are going to clear the board you find yourself digging out of a screen that is now almost full!!

bubble shooters click here to play!

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bubble struggle

Bubble struggle is another bubble pop game but this has a very unique twist. Unlike all the match 3 games out there bubble struggle does not require you to match anything! The object here is to pop the bubbles on their up bounce. Once popped they become  smaller, keep popping until they are gone. S...

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Space Rolling

Space Rolling is a classic match 3 puzzle game very similar to Zuma.   If you happen to be a big Zuma fan then you need to take a look at this game!  Except for taking in place in space this is just like zuma.  There are extras that I haven't seen in zuma recently.  You have the choice of blowin...

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