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Posted by kris on December 21, 2012 in Game Reviews with No Comments

I know it is past the halloween holiday but some things are just to good to let go.  This is one of those games.   Take out your shopping agressions on the pumkpins as you try to shoot them off the board.  This is not as easy as you may think.  I dare you to try shooting pumpkins.  At least you can be sure of one thing this game will get you laughing and trying again and you will forget about all that holiday aggression.  This is one of the better pumpkin games this year so enjoy!

Posted by kris on June 3, 2011 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Feed the mooks for fun.

Feed the mooks is for all ages.  This game is about planning.  The object is to feed the mooks on your screen so they disappear and you advance to the next level, easy right?  Nope… As you progress through levels it gets harder there is some thinking involved you have to plan which mooks to feed in which order.  If you don’t feed the mooks some will fall off the screen and you have to try again.  A nice little game that gives your brain a bit of a workout.  Try it today!

Feed the mooks

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Posted by kris on September 21, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Halloween Bubble is a new twist on the old match three games. The object of the game is to match three anyway and clear out the screen. Sounds easy right well… let me say it isn’t. This match 3 is of course a Halloween version which being the end of September works in fairly well.

I tested this game as something new to add for the Holiday coming up and found myself playing it an hour or so later. This is one addictive game that I found myself coming back to again. Game play is simple it doesn’t require tons of hand eye coordination or a lot of thinking through steps. You just point and shoot.

Give it a try today you just may find yourself coming back tomorrow!

Halloween Bubble

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Posted by kris on September 1, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

If you have stress this is the game for you! Especially if your stress is all due to faces smiley! In this game you get to blow them up. What more could a person ask for?

The object of the Smiley Showdown is to blow up a certain number of faces smiley to advance to the next level. When in each level there is a number counter at the top of the page that tells you how many you have and how many you need to advance. Simple right? Wrong it gets harder the farther you go.

I recommend this game but be careful it can become addicting.

Smiley Showdown

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Posted by kris on July 25, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Fun Match is the old match 3 games with  new twist. You still match three of a kind to clear the board. You are also filling in the numbers for the critters on the side of the game to advance to the next level.

Took me a bit to figure this one out since it is not in english. But once I did game play is straight forward and easy to match. Some of the figures are harder to see as you progress through the game. You should play this game in full screen to make it easier to see. For a mindless quick easy game I recommend this one.

Play Fun Match

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Posted by kris on July 7, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Here is another free fishdom game. This one is title Fishdom Harvest Splash. There are so many free fishdom games they are getting hard to keep track of. This version is set in the fall and has new fish, new plants, and new decorating options. There are new items to match and new music so it gives your eyes a break from the other versions of free fishdom games.

I so far like all the versions of Fishdom they allow you to play through many levels with out that getting stuck problem that so many other games tend to have. Some are so bad you get two levels in and there you are that kind of game I don’t tend to come back to. These are not like that I have ended up playing for hours and getting through levels. It does get more challenging as you progress but you still progress. So take a second and check out the latest version of free fishdom.

Fishdom Harvest Splash

Posted by kris on June 30, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

In Catch The Star 2 you have to knock all the stars out of the sky in order to move up a level. This game requires good hand eye coordination as well as being quick with a mouse. Some of the levels are only allowing a certain number of moves. The game instructions are pretty straight forward and it only takes a second or two to figure out which mouse buttons to use. The hard part is keeping the ball in play as you progress through the levels.

I do have one thing that I don’t like about this game. The first two levels are fairly easy and quick to accomplish. When you get to the third level it gets really hard just like that. I would rather be able to work up a few levels with progressively tricky goals. Other than that I can see where this game would get addictive right quick nice to have a fairly straight forward game to play without all the complicated controls.

Catch The Star 2

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Posted by kris on June 25, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Come build your ancient kingdoms! Conquer new lands and form new alliances. This game is about building armies, kingdoms, forming alliances and going to war. It is a mulitplayer game that you and your friends can take part in.

You help protect merchants or ladies for money, jewels and such. This allows you to expand your kingdom and teach your armies. The tutorial that starts the game is fairly straight  forward. I had trouble in a couple spots they don’t specify which tab to use for the required task. This seems like it could be a very addictive game. The one thing I did notice that I really wasn’t sure I liked was the fact that you need to create an account to continue to play or move to another social network. While some might like that others won’t like the interruption or having to create another account.

In ending if your one of those people that like to build ancient kingdoms and conquer your enemies then this game is one you will play for a long time. Although it will depend on whether or not you want to create or use an account to allow you to keep track of your progress.

Interested in trying Kingdoms at War: Conquest

Posted by kris on June 20, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Eye candy is a match 3 free game similar to Chuzzle. The option is to match 3 of the same color in any direction they do not have to be in a straight line.

Not having to have them in a straight line messed with me some because I’m used to playing the old bejeweled games and those only take out when in straight lines. The one part I do not like about this game is the timer instead of a level change so you feel like your not getting anywhere.

As far as a match 3 free online games goes this is one I’d keep around just for the challenge of high score.

Match 3 free onine

Posted by kris on June 16, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Fishdom is a fish tank game. The object of the game is to match three to remove the gold tiles. Once you remove all the gold tiles you move onto the next level and earn money to spend on fish and accessories for your aquarium. (This is a Fishdom free game)

The graphics in Fishdom are way ahead of the graphics found on Facebook’s Happy Aquarium. There is alot more options to decorate your fish tank with from feeders to lights without all the extra get money or pay for that Facebook has in their game.

The only part I don’t like about Fishdom is the fact that after a level or two they want you to either download it continue on or use facebook. You can continue on without any troubles but I would rather just play straight without the interruptions.

See for yourself Fishdom free online

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