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Posted by kris on July 25, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Fun Match is the old match 3 games with  new twist. You still match three of a kind to clear the board. You are also filling in the numbers for the critters on the side of the game to advance to the next level.

Took me a bit to figure this one out since it is not in english. But once I did game play is straight forward and easy to match. Some of the figures are harder to see as you progress through the game. You should play this game in full screen to make it easier to see. For a mindless quick easy game I recommend this one.

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Posted by kris on July 7, 2010 in Game Reviews with No Comments

Here is another free fishdom game. This one is title Fishdom Harvest Splash. There are so many free fishdom games they are getting hard to keep track of. This version is set in the fall and has new fish, new plants, and new decorating options. There are new items to match and new music so it gives your eyes a break from the other versions of free fishdom games.

I so far like all the versions of Fishdom they allow you to play through many levels with out that getting stuck problem that so many other games tend to have. Some are so bad you get two levels in and there you are that kind of game I don’t tend to come back to. These are not like that I have ended up playing for hours and getting through levels. It does get more challenging as you progress but you still progress. So take a second and check out the latest version of free fishdom.

Fishdom Harvest Splash

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